I write about storytelling, narrative psychology, and designing experiences. We’ll unravel the beautiful complexities of storytelling, character psychology, worldbuilding, and have the occasional brush with real-life philosophy.

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What is this though?

‘Loreteller’ is a fueled by a lifelong passion for writing, psychology, and user experience. For years I accumulated knowledge, unearthing models and philosophies from disparate sources, always eager to connect the dots. Simultaneously, I helmed creative and marketing teams, founded a philanthropy company, and served as a consultant, juggling corporate metrics and my own creative needs.

The birth of my son in 2021 during a period of burnout sparked a shift. I wanted to create something he would be proud of - something authentically me. So, I dusted off my hoard of wisdom, refined it, and began sharing it with the world.

Today, you'll find my bite-sized insights on TikTok, thoughtful essays on Substack, and in-depth offerings on KoFi. The majority of my content is free, shared with the hope of helping others navigate the creative journey more efficiently. I also offer Premium resources, a distillation of my experience and knowledge for those wishing to dive deeper.

As I balance creating content with writing my novel, I am eager to continue sharing my journey, silencing self-doubt, and witnessing the creativity it may inspire. The gratifying feedback from writers, old and new, reassures me that my work is resonating, connecting ideas in a way that lights a spark in others.

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I write about narrative psychology, storytelling, worldbuilding, parenting, metamodernism, hidden patterns, and the oneness of all things.



Storyteller, mythmaker, talespinner. Connecting the stories we tell others to the ones we tell ourselves.